Make Your Mark in the Human Resources Interview

July 29, 2009

The first interview you will always have as an applicant is the interview with the Human Resources Department. Whatever position you are applying for, most companies usually set you up with an interview with the HR, before you even have an interview with the department you will be working for.

This interview will determine just how far you can go in the organization, so you should prepare for it very carefully. Where most people go wrong is in thinking that the HR interview is just a test of EQ or that it is easy to pass. They realize how wrong they are later on, when they don’t get that follow-up call.

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5 Ways to Improve Human Capital

July 24, 2009

Companies already know that human capital is the most important asset in an organization, but fail to stick to this principle. Instead of investing in managing their human resources, they constantly seek to update their technology, revise their code of principles, and even beautify the workplace. At the end of the day, they fail to give sufficient attention on one thing they should have been focusing all along: human capital.

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