18 Months With Generation Y

April 6, 2009

Members of Generation Y are currently averaging 18 months with the same employer according to Penelope Trunk. The reasons for their bi-annual job jump include:

The job is not interesting
Asked to do menial tasks
Long hours, including taking work home
Not allowed to pursue life-long learning

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Bonuses Are Just For Bankers!

April 1, 2009

With the regular disclosure of ‘obscenely’ high bonus payments being made to Bankers’ despite their seemingly ‘obvious’ incompetence and irregardless of their actual performance, the public outcry against bonuses as a whole has grown to a deafening crescendo…or so the tabloids would have you believe.

Bonuses have become a dirty word, but need that be the case?

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Cutting Employee Health Benefits? – Free Alternatives

February 24, 2009

In these days of dwindling budgets it is difficult to keep the level of services you once offered your overworked staff. The obvious solution is to cut the unnecessary programs and save your budget. What if you didn’t have to cut the wellness programs your employees enjoy the most? What if you could get the same or better wellness programs, free of charge? Sound too good to be true? Stop doubting it and pick up the phone and call to book your day at Park Avenue Spine and Wellness! Read more

Current State of the Economy

February 6, 2009

New York City, we have a problem! When a drought adversely affects the apple tree, unfortunately, the “Big Apple” suffers the most. “Total private sector job losses during this two-year period could reach 225,000 in New York State, including 175,000 in New York City,” said the comptroller DiNapoli in his report on the crisis this past Monday. Less jobs mean a continually shrinking overall bonus pool within the job sector which, according to the comptroller, is the single most important factor in determining the consumption of goods and services by the middle class, which in turn effects the overall economy, “the public must keep in mind that bonuses paid to lower level employees are often used to purchase goods and services in other industries, which benefits the overall economy. New York will feel a lot pain from a shrunken bonus pool.” New Yorkers need not feel alone as “smaller apples on the entire tree” are feeling the effects of a failing economy. Read more

How One NYC Tech Startup Restructured

June 18, 2008 knew there was something wrong with their organizational structure. What did they do? They threw out the entire design and started from scratch. Their new approach has been a huge success and allowed them to rapidly deploy new products and site features that would have never been possible with their old structure. Read more about it in this Business Week article.

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