NYC Month of Amazing High Tech Opportunities

April 14, 2009

The following events coming up in NYC during April have the potential to revolutionize the high tech community in New York.  The following list of events offers something to everyone from the recently laid off to the budding entrepreneur. From NYC Entrepreneur Week to Laid Off Camp 2009 have a look at these amazing offerings set to take the city by storm.

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Independent Contractors – FedEx in Trouble

May 10, 2008

Many companies nowadays are trying to claim employees are in fact, not employees, but rather that they are independent contractors. This can be very frustrating and expensive if you find yourself being identified as a non-employee. Why do companies do this? Simple, it’s all about saving money.

FedEx has gotten themselves into a bit of trouble by declaring that many of their workers were only contractors. They even made their drivers purchase their own trucks! Of course, the “contractors” had to wear a uniform, take instruction and even adhere to FedEx grooming standards, but they were not considered employees. Well, the IRS felt otherwise and has hit them with over $200 million in fines for the year 2002. It is not looking good for FedEx.

Workers Taking Second Job

April 14, 2008

Moonlighting is becoming popular again as many Americans find that they can’t make ends meet with one full-time job.

Mark, a 32 year old Senior HR Recruiter, has found it very difficult to make ends meet with only his current job. Read more