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Human Resources Management Overview

August 11

Are you a student hoping to get a career in human resources? Are you a job hunter, who just can’t get a job in the field of HR? Or, are you an employer plainly confused about what competencies to look for in an HR consultant or employee?

The lack of clear standards as to what a perfect HR manager, consultant, or employee has always been a big problem. Because of incompetent employees placed in the HR department, companies can snowball fast into failure. The worst part is, other organizations haven’t learned their lesson; they keep on placing managers that are simply misfit for the competencies the HR Department requires.

Business Administration

The Human Resources Department is a business in itself—it aims to maximize the human capital throughout the entire company. A background in Business Administration will help in developing campaigns and concepts that will not just motivate employees, but also make them brand ambassadors of your brand.

Public Administration

Though seemingly unrelated, Public Administration will actually help companies in enhancing the welfare of the employees. Public Administration ensures that public good is achieved—the same way that an HR manager makes sure that every step taken by the company does not harm any employee, may he or she be a superior or a subordinate, along the way.

Employee Compensation

Studies done over the years show that remuneration is what drives employees to their best. Though other factors such as a comfortable working environment and enriched relationships with superior and colleagues help, compensation remains to be the most important thing. That’s why organizations must have someone who understands how to pay employees for their effort—no less.

Development and Training

Skills training and development must be a competency of an HR manager. By having such competency, financial resources of the company will be saved. In a supposedly non-learning situation, the principles can even be applied by the HR manager.

Employee Evaluation

An assessment of the employee’s performance must be done. This evaluation must neither be done too often nor too seldom. If done too often, the resources of the company will be drained and the employees will be overworked just by such an assessment. If done too rarely, then the improvement or decline of a worker’s performance will never be detected. An HR representative who knows exactly when to conduct an employee evaluation must be hired.


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