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Top 10 Interview Tips

April 11

What should you do when interviewing? Here is our list of the top 10 things you can do to make a better impression on your job interview.

  1. Be Prepared
    Just like the Boy Scout motto you should be prepared to answer some general questions about yourself and the company you’re interviewing with. If asked, “What do you like about our company?”, you better have an answer that is based upon real knowledge of the company. If you visit the About Us section of the company website you should get enough information to help you through the interview. Review the information ahead of time and print it out so you can read it over before the interview.
  2. Dress Appropriately
    For any professional position you will want to wear a suit. No exceptions. For non-professional positions you should dress like the other employees, but with a little shine – If everyone wears jeans and a tee shirt you would do well to wear nice jeans and a polo.
  3. Proper Communication
    It is most important to communicate well during your interview. Don’t mumble, speak clearly, shake hands, make eye contact and engage the person you are interviewing with. How you introduce yourself will set the tone for the rest of your interview.
  4. Don’t Talk Too Much
    I’m sure you have met people who talk on and on about themselves without giving others the courtesy of sharing the conversation. Don’t be one of these people. You need to walk a fine line between being a braggart and displaying your positive attributes.
  5. Talk Enough
    As it was mentioned in tip #4, you will need to show off your skills. This means, you will need to comfortable talk about you accomplishments. Just be sure to be honest and not to come off as arrogant.
  6. Keep Your Facts Straight
    It is best not to fudge on your resume for many reasons, but one of the places to be most careful is on the application. If your potential employer has you fill out a job application you will need to make sure it matches your resume. Recently, someone I know followed his former manager and took an out of state job. As it turned out, his former manager had lied about his education on his resume and application. Once this was discovered he was promptly fired. My friend, who was brought in to be on his managers team, was quietly let go two weeks later.
  7. Give Correct Answers
    Pay attention to the questions that you are asked and give correct responses. I once interviewed a young man for an Electrical Engineering job. It was a hands on position where he would be using all of his technical skills (programming, higher math etc.) on a daily basis. I remember how shocked I was when he said he wasn’t very strong technically and would like to quickly move into Project Management. He didn’t get the job.
  8. Don’t Badmouth Former Employers
    This one should be obvious. If you are saying terrible things about your former boss, what will you say about the one you are interviewing with? Also, the professional world is often very small. The personal you are interviewing with may know the people you are badmouthing and not agree. In short, if you can’t say positive things – keep quiet.
  9. Be Interested
    Since you already studied up on the company you should know enough to ask a few intelligent questions. Don’t ask controversial or difficult questions, but ask questions that show your interested in how the company will be doing in several years time – because if hired, you plan on being a loyal employee for many years. You may leave after a year, but during the interview you should approach things as if you plan on being there for the long haul.
  10. Follow Up
    You should always follow up your interview with a thank you note. It doesn’t take long to do and if you are neck to neck with another candidate a nice note could make all the difference. Remember, people hire those whom they like. A note shows class.


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