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Make Your Mark in the Human Resources Interview

July 29

The first interview you will always have as an applicant is the interview with the Human Resources Department. Whatever position you are applying for, most companies usually set you up with an interview with the HR, before you even have an interview with the department you will be working for.

This interview will determine just how far you can go in the organization, so you should prepare for it very carefully. Where most people go wrong is in thinking that the HR interview is just a test of EQ or that it is easy to pass. They realize how wrong they are later on, when they don’t get that follow-up call.

Naturally, you shouldn’t let the same mistake get in your way of that dream job. Here are some tips to make your mark in a Human Resources interview:

1. Understand the role of the Human Resources Department.

Your interview with the Hiring Manager is usually different from your interview with the HR Department. Simply put, you have to do your best at both. The Hiring Manager will principally determine just how fit you are for the job. It will focus on your competencies, above all.

So what’s the point of having an interview with the HR Department? Not only will they assess just how emotionally and mentally stable you are, they will also evaluate just how excellent your social skills are.

There have been many cases when the HR discouraged the Hiring Manager from hiring an employee—all because the interview with the HR department went far from well. You wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to you, would you?

2. Be likable.

So how do you make the HR like you? Just be yourself. Don’t sound neither too cocky nor too meek. Show them that you can help their business succeed and that you will certainly be a valuable addition to their company.

Be positive and energetic. Don’t just answer the questions of your interviewer; also ask questions yourself. The HR Department likes a candidate who is genuinely interested about the company, the job, and the tasks involved.

3. Show competency and humility.

Don’t stop at thinking that the HR interview is all about showing the depth of your personality. They’re not just there to assess your social, mental and emotional skills. Like the Hiring Manager, they also want to know if you have the skills needed to perform the tasks—and ultimately make a positive difference in the company.

Show them just how competent you are, but be careful not to overdo it so much that you will come off as obnoxious. The way to making your mark in a Human Resources Interview is harder than you think. However, with the mentioned tips, you will surely work your way to getting that job you are applying for.


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