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What did you just say on Facebook?

August 29

social_networkingDoes your employer check your Facebook or Myspace profile? You’ve probably heard it before but were probably too skeptical to believe it.  Why would your employer waste time in checking your social networking sites?  It is, after all, your private space.

If you never believed what you’ve been told, now is probably the best time to change that attitude. More employers, as a matter of fact, are checking their employees’ profiles to get a good grasp of who they’re hiring. It has worked to the disadvantage of a lot of people–especially those who doesn’t even realize the incriminating details in their profiles. Before you proclaim your networking site free of anything that might prevent you from getting a job, check your profiles for the following:

Profane and Foul Words

At some point, you may have had posted a status update that contains curses or foul words. Profanity is a no-no to employers, and you will be shut down the moment you even think of saying such. Being yourself in your networking site doesn’t mean you have to  shout a series of curses, after all. For all you know, a single mindless curse can cost you your career.

Discriminatory Statements

Jokes that make subtle references to discrimination are just as bad as profanity. Discrimination is increasingly being addressed in the workplace and no company would want its progress to backtrack by recruiting an employee who openly embraces discrimination towards other races or genders.

Racy Photos

Watch the photos you post on your site, as they’re being viewed by your employers. Pictures that show you half-naked, making out, or proudly holding cans of beer are on the blacklist of employers. The last thing they want is to have an employee with no restraint.

There is no way for an employer to really get to know you through a series of interviews. This insufficiency is addressed by looking at your profile and knowing just who you are. Get ahead of your employers and double check your Facebook site before it’s too late.


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