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Workers Taking Second Job

April 14

Moonlighting is becoming popular again as many Americans find that they can’t make ends meet with one full-time job.

Mark, a 32 year old Senior HR Recruiter, has found it very difficult to make ends meet with only his current job. Having financial responsibility for a family of four, Mark has found it necessary to take a second job working some evenings and weekends.

“I got rid of cable a long time ago and rarely go out for dinner. It’s just that everything seems to have become more expensive and my company has not been able to give out raises the last two years. My second job has given my family more breathing room and has allowed us to start a small savings”

According to Department of Labor statistics – The number of workers in the United States who have a full-time job and also have a part-time job on the side has risen about 5 percent to 4.17 million in 2007 from 3.98 million the prior year. Some believe this is only the beginning in the current troubled economy


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