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Recruiting Industry Lingo

April 22

If you have ever worked with a recruiter you will know that they can have some interesting sayings. Here is a short list of recruiting jargon:

Airplane test: To pass this test means that a recruiter is willing to spend 7 hours with a candidate in an airport or airplane. Are you a bore? Talk too much?

Best athlete: The candidate is adaptable to positions they might now be fully qualified for, but they are still worth referring.

Best of breed: Just like in many industries – this means the candidate is a standout with a great background.

Bullet-proof candidate: More than a perfect fit, this person seems to walk on water. They fully define the position that the employer is looking to fill.

Butterfly: Someone who changes jobs frequently. Sometimes called a nomad.

DJS: Desperate Job Seeker

Filler: “Straw men” or “Cannon fodder” – these candidates are qualified for the position, but are lacking things that your #1 has. They are sent to make your #1 look better.

Guarantee Date: A candidate who has stayed on the job until the guarantee has expired.

On/Off Paper: The written job description vs some things that were left off.

Out of the box hire: Someone who doesn’t fit the job description, but is made an offer anyhow.

Perennials: Always looking for a new job.

TLTAL: They Lie, They All Lie


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