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Building a Recruiting Source Pool

April 12

Many recruiters purchase lists or books that contain information about where to locate those difficult to find job applicants. Here is a tip that will save you thousands:

Build your own candidate source pool. If you are looking for a ASP.NET Ajax programmer and don’t know where to start – try looking at who else is hiring such a person. By going through the classifieds (online or off line) and cataloging each company by the technologies or skill sets they are hiring – you will have a large database built up in no time. Around 10 years ago I specialized in Informix DBA’s and Developers. It was a niche area that few would attempt. What gave me a strong edge is that I searched through several newspapers every week for years and would track any company that ever mentioned Informix. I ended up with a powerful database that tracked companies that used Informix. From here, whenever I needed to find a candidate for my clients I already had my sourcing pool.

You either fish or stock the pond. Never both.


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