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Sourcing Google

April 14

Sourcing Job Candidates
Have you ever had to hire someone with experience supervising at least 25 people, but didn’t know how to source them effectively? Here is a good technique using Google to focus on a range of numbers.

Let’s imagine that you are looking for an electrical engineer that has managed a team of at least 25 people. First, we need to think about what would be in a resume of a person like this. They would probably say something like: “managed a team of 25 engineers”, “managed the development team of 25″ or “managed 25 engineers”.

You could start with the following search: “managed * engineers * 25..50″

When you separate two words by the “*” it is telling Google to look for the words separated by one or more words. The two dots between 25 and 50 is telling Google to search between a range of numbers.

You should play around with the query to pull in more or fewer resumes depending on how many results your search is returning. By changing the query to : “managed * team * 25..75″ engineers I was able to pull up many more results. Adding inurl:resume to the query narrowed the results to mostly resumes. Which is what we are looking for.


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